36and6 Competence Centre

36,6 Competence Centre (Scotland)

36.6 Competence Centre (Scotland) is a new branch of the highly successful Polish company 36,6 Competence Centre (based in Lodz, POLAND). This new and dynamic branch has been developed to increase the Polish branch activity and to widen the programme of delivery. The Scottish branch shall further develop the continuing good work by adopting a similar approach through working with various organisation and acting as an umbrella company. Therefore as well as having the 36.6 CC activities in Poland we shall be mirroring these activities in Scotland along with further training delivery methodologies.
Contact: Scotland@36and6.pl


DISEMEX (2018-1-DE02-KA204-005223) / project website: https://disemex.eu/
(Erasmus+, Strategic Partnership for Adult education)
The aim of the DISEMEX (Disability Employment Expert) project is to analyse best practice examples of the inclusion of people with disabilities in the first labour market and to compare them structurally. Partnership consists of numerous European countries: Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy, Scotland-UK, Slovenia and Poland.


RESTART (2017-1-ES01-KA202-038446) / project website: https://restart-project.eu/
(Erasmus+, Strategic Partnership for VET)
RESTART 4.0 (Digital Training Toolbox to Foster EU's Industry 4.0 Revolution) project constitutes a team of 8 organizations from Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, United Kingdom, Italy and Malta. Among project target group there are: entrepreneurs & companies staff, public administration staff, VET providers staff & students, professionals that intends to train or re-train in order to acquire specific skills on Industry 4.0. etc. The main aim of the project is to involve the industrial sector in the transformation of VET systems, in order to meet the need of digital skills consistent with the technological developments in industries. At the end of the project we shall create: digital training skills-set for 4.0 industries, curriculum/ framework for VET in industries 4.0, 4.0 industry case studies and policy recommendations.

MULTI-ESKOLA (2016-1-ES01-KA201-025323) / project website: http://multieskola.maristak.com
(Erasmus+, Strategic Partnership for School Education)
The scope of activities will include: VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) Development covering: training content development and adaptation – we currently have expert experience in the development of interactive platforms which host and deliver a number of programmes, we develop training materials and assessments, audit tool kits, employability tool kits along with other training aimed at various sectors, we are experience in the development and delivery of short course frameworks. At our disposal tailor made VLE programmes aimed at the Electronic and Electrical Sector and are currently developing further materials within the Engineering sector. We have staff developing VLE Platforms which are fully interactive and provide online and blended learning programme using e-learning tools provision (Moodle); we supply vocational guidance, coaching and counselling provision (e.g. within skills audit tool kit applications); Methodology development on beneficiaries outcomes tracking; promote eco-awareness campaign in VET sector; provide Erasmus + guidance to new applicants; provide expertise on the incorporation of ECVET; Deliverance of soft skills & empowerment workshops, teachers’ training; literacy & numeracy courses for adults (English language as a second language – ESOL); we have a number of sector specific trainers in Electrical, Mechatronics, Platform Development, Teacher Training and Project Management Expertise.